May 20, 2015 by Paula Joseph

Learning about Software Development



When people hear about this, they might think it’s very complicated. Well, the truth is that it is not easy to do this, as you need a certain level of skills and knowledge, but it is possible.

You’ll need to be a little trained in computers, languages, and other different things, but it is a wonderful thing to create something that can be of help to others.

Here is what you have to do to get this going:

The Basics

When you’ll want to start on this, you’ll need to think about what kind of software you are interested in. There are 2 types: system development software and application development software. The last one is designed to create some kind of program that will help the end user, like apps for mobile phones, video games or accounting software. The system development software is used for maintaining and creating operating systems.

When thinking about starting on this, choose between these two.

A Language

iStock_000033980652_LargeA programming language is what you need to develop software, because each software has its own language. To come up with an idea, it’s extremely easy, but a software developer knows how to put that idea into a tangible form. No matter what you want to do, you need to know what each language is about.

There are different programming languages to choose from, so here they are:

The C language – this is old but it is still used, as it represents the basis for what is out there on the market right now. Now it’s used only for developing programs that are called low-level, and it’s usually connected to computer’s hardware.

The C++ language – it is a newer language, but still represents another version of the C language. Today it’s extremely popular with developers, as it is easy and viable. Most of what you see on Firefox or Chrome it’s based on C++. In addition, it is commonly used for developing video games.

The Java Language – this is another version of C, and an improved version of C++. It is considered extremely portable, as it is used with a Java Virtual Machine on almost any system. Mostly it is used for creating business software.

The C# language – is commonly used as a base language for Windows and Microsoft. It is also related to C++ and Java, and learning Java will allow you to make a fast move to C#.

The Objective-C language – this is specially made for the systems running on Apple. This is commonly used for iPad and iPhone and their apps.

computer-world-technologyThe Python language – this is extremely easy and anyone can learn it. It is commonly used for web development, and it is asked on the market today.

The PHP language – it’s not exactly used to develop software, but it is used closely with the Python language, as both of them are for developing the web.

The Learning Process

If you want to start learning, you can always go to a bookstore and find dedicated books for it. There are plenty of resources, both online and outside the online environment, and you can make your choice based on what language you want to learn.

Make a list first on the books and ask someone who knows the language already. You will get an advice from a professional, and he or she can even help you in your study.


If you feel like the books or the online resources are not helpful enough, you can always take some classes. There are schools that are offering them, but you can also find free online courses that are also helpful.

You don’t actually need a degree, but you might get different and additional info than just from a book. There is a certain benefit when you have a tutor or a teacher, so use it, as it can do many good.

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